– Full release –
September 7, 2019
July 25, 2020
Adventure ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Drama
Swearing, Described violence, Graphic violence, Sexually suggestive, Self-harm, Suicide
Author(s): Chiffmonkey
Initial release date: September 7, 2019
Latest release date: July 25, 2020
Genre: Adventure ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Drama
Content warning: Swearing, Described violence, Graphic violence, Sexually suggestive, Self-harm, Suicide
– Full release –

Good morning recruit. My name is Dr Monika Bug.

It is my honor to welcome you to the Multiverse Observation Program! It’s always been a dream of this institution to explore the untapped possibilities of dimensional travel. Now that you’ve been granted special clearance, I am authorised to inform you that you have been selected to make that dream a reality. This will be a mission of inter-dimensional importance!

You’ll be in good company on your journey, with a team I handpicked for their unique qualities:
Sayori Night, who I believe served with you in the Time Corps.
Sgt Natsuki, combat specialist with a penchant for CQC.
Prof Yuri, world-renowned expert in dimensional theory.
…And, of course, I’ll be leading the mission personally!

I’m looking forward to getting you all settled in and of course seeing what the Program is capable of! But I can tell already that you’re good to go, so just remember – watch my 6 and I’ll do the same for you.

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