Outbreak: Red Sky
– Versão Completa –
AstraNova, Cpl. Corgi, UrBoiFawad
octubre 28, 2019
Acción ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Suspenso
Swearing, Described violence
Autor(a): AstraNova, Cpl. Corgi, UrBoiFawad
Fecha de lanzamiento: octubre 28, 2019
Advertencia de contenido: Swearing, Described violence
Outbreak: Red Sky
– Versão Completa –

The prelude to the story of Outbreak; a DDLC story set in zombie-infested Japan.
Choose from one of two stories: Adventure, a more action-driven experience with a heavier focus on character relationships and Nightmare, a horror/drama focused narrative.. In this chapter, witness the stories of Daichi, the confident, laid-back acquaintance of MC, and Kai, the cold, sociopathic antagonist of Nightmare mode.

Play through the experiences of our expanded cast of characters, as they lay the groundwork for the story to come!

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