In The Hood
– Full release –
October 16, 2018
Other ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Comedy
Swearing, Graphic violence, Sexually suggestive, Self-harm, Suicide
Author(s): TruuMoo_
Release date: October 16, 2018
Content warning: Swearing, Graphic violence, Sexually suggestive, Self-harm, Suicide
In The Hood
– Full release –

In short, it’s DDLC rewritten in this style:

Hey bitch, it’s Monika! Welcome ta da Literature Club! It’s always been uh dream o’ mine ta make somethin` special out o’ da things ah love. Now dat you uh club member, you can help me make dat dream come true in dis here cute game!

Ah’m super excited fo’ you ta become tight brothas wif all of us an’ help da Literature Club become uh mo’ intimate place fo’ all muh motha fuckin members. But ah can tell already dat you uh real tight nigga. W—will you promise ta spend da most time wif me? ♥ UwU

Yo afta ’bouta monf o’ serious procrastination, ah’m proud ta announce da first official release o’ Doki Doki in da Hood.

Doki Doki In da Hood be uh fan-made Doki Doki Literature Club mod dat alters all dialogue, some story, an’ uh bit o’ media. It makes yo’ favorite DDLC characters sound like dope-slinging hoodrats, so dat’s a plus.

Editor’s note: You’ll need to delete ‘scripts.rpa’ from your game folder before running this mod.

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