Interview Club
– Full release –
June 9, 2019
Author(s): halibabica
Release date: June 9, 2019
Interview Club
– Full release –

Doki Doki Interview Club is a mod unlike any other. Everyone has questions for their favorite beautiful bookworms, and now, they can get their answers. The club responds to actual questions given to them by their fans on Reddit. Their responses range from silly to serious, covering all sorts of topics and interests.

The mod takes place post-game, while Monika and Sayori are both self-aware. However, the rest of the club is still in the dark about the truth of their reality. When the fans ask questions about topics they shouldn’t know of, things get messy. Monika insists that the others mustn’t know what’s going on, but can she protect the fourth wall from crashing down?

The mod features AMAs for the original four girls, plus the main character and two new members from my other work in progress, DDLC: Take Two. There are nine chapters containing about 15-18 hours of content. The AMAs can be played in any order, but they do have linear progression, and the follow-up is locked until the first eight have been viewed.

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