Monika Before Story
– Full release –
Team Monika
September 2, 2018
Romance ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Horror
Flashing images, Jumpscares, Described violence
English, Portuguese
Author(s): Team Monika
Release date: September 2, 2018
Content warning: Flashing images, Jumpscares, Described violence
Available languages: English, Portuguese
Monika Before Story
– Full release –

What if YOU were President of the Literature Club?

This mod gives you a small engine that re-installs the DDLC universe! Be careful with your choices inside and outside the game, since they can greatly affect how this story will end. There are 11 possible endings to this story. In case you need some help figuring things out, feel free to join our community and ask.

Editor’s note: Unlike with every other mod, you need to log in/register on Nexus mods to download this mod.

Monika Before Story presenta al personaje principal como presidente del Club de Literatura.
Este mod elimina el horror psicológico, ya que nadie muere y nadie se corrompe, a pesar de que el juego falla la pantalla varias veces.
Monika es consciente de sí misma pero no altera los archivos. Ella afirma haber hecho este juego.
El MC es libre de elegir entre chicas sin verse obligada a amar a Monika

Tradutor: Fabrizio Rui, Leslaliun (Contact)

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