– Отменённая демоверсия –
Апрель 1, 2018
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Swearing, Described violence, Sexually suggestive, Gross-out
Автор(ы): SGYTOfficial125DEV
Дата релиза: Апрель 1, 2018
Предупреждение о содержании: Swearing, Described violence, Sexually suggestive, Gross-out
– Отменённая демоверсия –

The “story” (to use the most charitable descriptor available) consists largely of MC and Sayori getting up to repetitive, almost invariably NSFW antics with only the loosest of continuity tying it all together. On rare occasions Sayori comes close to her canon characterization, but these are just brief moments of sanity. With the occasional memes and references to other mods, it could be assumed that this is meant to be comedy.

Recommendation: Play in a social setting and watch people’s reactions!

WARNING: Quitting this mod may require the use of external help (e.g.: Task Manager on Windows)

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