Second Chances
– Full release –
October 13, 2019
Self-harm, Suicide
English, Portuguese
Author(s): Brungala
Release date: October 13, 2019
Content warning: Self-harm, Suicide
Available languages: English, Portuguese
Second Chances
– Full release –

Within this mod you’ll find an episodic story showcasing the somber backstories of all four girls before they joined the Literature Club. Watch as all four heroines tell the ups and downs of their lives through happiness, sorrow, and anger.

Editor’s note: you will need to delete ‘scripts.rpa’ in DDLC’s game folder before running this mod.

Dentro deste mod, você encontrará uma história episódica que mostra as histórias sombrias de todas as quatro garotas antes de elas se juntarem ao Clube da Literatura. Observe como todas as quatro heroínas contam os altos e baixos de suas vidas através da felicidade, tristeza e raiva.

Nota do editor: você precisará excluir ‘scripts.rpa’ na pasta de jogos do DDLC antes de executando este mod.

Tradutor: (Contact)

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