– Full release –
September 15, 2020
Drama ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Romance
Jumpscares, Described violence, Graphic violence, Self-harm, Suicide, Incest
Author(s): Tormuse
Release date: September 15, 2020
Content warning: Jumpscares, Described violence, Graphic violence, Self-harm, Suicide, Incest
– Full release –

Important note: Please be advised that this mod has intentionally disturbing content. See: list of content warnings.

This mod is intended to be a character study of Yuri, told entirely from her point of view, showcasing her struggles with fitting in, her feelings of self-loathing, her escapism into fantasy, her attempts to overcome her self-harm habit, and her eventual descent into madness. This is a very dark mod, rather different from my previous work, in that it deals with deep emotional pain and gets quite bloody. Even if you enjoyed my previous work, please use your discretion when playing. Be safe and pace yourself if you need to.

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