Good times; witty lines;
but is it all worth the price?

Click here to get Doki Doki Literature Club! You’ll need it before you begin the adventure with the Summertime:

Immerse yourself in a fun-filled summer adventure and experience a romantic tale from a new perspective!


Finally, schools out! You’re put in the shoes of a handsome but reclusive young man. It’s been over half a year since you spoke with your childhood friend, Sayori. One day, she unexpectedly invites you to join her and your school’s valedictorian girl, Monika, at a swimming pool. This one off event turns out to be the beginning of something new and exciting with one of four girls.

Doki Doki Summertime is a modification for the popular 2017 visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club. Unlike the original game, Doki Doki Summertime is a comedic adventure where the player can get to know all the characters more in-depth. Their interactions and confessions are meant to show their human sides without the stereotypical obsession towards the main character. Contrary to many other modifications, this game steers clear of played-out clichés – occasionally even poking fun at them. The story’s progression is meant to feel like the natural process of people getting to know each other over the course of a week. There are no horror elements in this story. However, this does not mean conflict isn’t to be expected.

17 endings

Your choices define how the story goes. Be careful, since they can have unforeseen consequences. 😉

8+ new artworks

Thanks to the work of talented artists this mod almost looks like an official spin-off. You'll encounter new backgrounds, facial expressions, outfits for the girls, new menus, and so on!

New Soundtrack

These jazzy tunes get you in the mood for every scene. You'll find yourself humming along to them while playing the mod!

Comic strips

While Summertime was being worked on, comic strips were released to give a taste of the story’s fun and charming dialogue. Click below to check them out and see what awaits you:

New gameplay

Unlike in most DDLC mods, Summertime offers you a completely new minigame that blends in perfectly with the light-hearted story. Can you figure out how to surprise Monika, the unattainable club president?


Fans of the mod have translated it into many other languages. You can play it in the following languages with 1 download:
English, Russian, Portuguese, Polish
with more on the way!


Click here to listen to the full soundtrack:

Vienna Jazz
Dee Yan-Key
Doki Doki Literature Jazz
Obsoletovsky (Speißer)
DDLC Jazz (improved)
Obsoletovsky (Speißer)
Memories + Day and Night (mashup)
Dee Yan-Key
Jingle Jazz
Quantum Jazz
Dreams of Love and Literature (Abandoned DDLC remix)
Crowander (David Szesztay)
Round and round
Crowander (David Szesztay)
Open Windows 2
Crowander (David Szesztay)
DDLC Lounge Jazz
Obsoletovsky (Speißer)
You Know Why
Loyalty Freak Music
Kokoro B
Obsoletovsky (Speißer)
Rope Swing
Podington Bear
Number 0
Jesse Spillane
Podington Bear
Evening Forever
Slow Cocktail
Throughout the City 1 + 2 (mashup)
Dávid Szesztay
Passing Fields
Quantum Jazz
Looking Back
Crowander (David Szesztay)
Orbiting a Distant Planet
Quantum Jazz
Red in Black + Кусочки фри from album V (mashup)
Kosta T
Your Reality (sad cover)
Amosdoll Music
Greetings From the Other Side
Summer Days
Kai Engel
Your Reality (cocktail jazz)
Amosdoll Music
Jason, United States

“In short: Oh wow, oh it was brilliant [..] Something sweet, but not edible Damn, how can you be so cunning, my guy? [..] The girls’ swimwear is divine <3 [..] I will not lie, I always thought that Sayori is such a memelord. [..] I liked the mod very much. Great job!”

Kristian, Sweden

“This mod had so many memorable moments. I still remember that bit about Monika calling out the main character about going to the gym. Can’t fool the president! I also really liked the scene where Sayori gets woken up in her bedroom. It was so adorable. And after all that, the ending with Monika totally caught me off guard. Highly recommend playing it for yourself!”

Patrick, Germany
“It has a cheerful tone, but you certainly can’t say it’s a predictable. It’s an awesome comedy experience with clever jokes and subtle references. The new soundtrack perfectly sets the mood of entire scenes – and doesn’t get boring over time. The story drastically changes depending on your actions, and you may end up hurting someone you didn’t intend to.”

Thanks for reading

Doki Doki Summertime was my biggest project to this point. The time I spent on planning, programming, writing, marketing and publishing it to a hyped up audience was an important period of my life. It gave me experience both profesionally and personally. Such as properly planning ahead in the early stages of a project or the application and importance of storytelling both in life and business. I can’t place a price on these lessons in any way.”

– the person known as PobawSieZeMna,
aspiring entrepreneur

Join the adventure!

Below you’ll find a link to a guide on how to install DDLC mods, the official Doki Doki Literature Club website and, of course:
The link to download Doki Doki Summertime:

Od tłumacza:

Zaczynając; spędziłem jakieś trzy (czy nawet cztery!) tygodnie na tłumaczeniu moda Doki Doki Summertime, jako mój osobisty projekt. Nie miałem pojęcia, że znajdzie się on w oficjalnej wersji gry (nie żebym narzekał!). Mod od początku okazał się dla mnie dużym zaskoczeniem zaczynając od zmiany menu głównego podczas zmiany pory dnia, po stroje kąpielowe dla dziewczyn! Spróbowałem odwzorować humor autora moda tak dobrze, jak tylko mogłem!
(A powiem tyle, jest go sporo!)

Z perspektywy gracza, i osoby, która zagrała w wiele modów, ten wyceniam 10/10, zagrałbym w sequel. 


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