Truth of the Literature Club
– Demo release –
November 22, 2019
Swearing, Self-harm, Suicide
Author(s): Raid
Release date: November 22, 2019
Content warning: Swearing, Self-harm, Suicide
Truth of the Literature Club
– Demo release –

The Truth of the Literature Club is a DDLC fan mod that will express a story from 4 different viewpoints, one for each girl. You’ll get to choose which girl’s route you take and discover the truth of their past. Each route will have a different story so be sure to explore them all! As you get to know the girls and get closer to one of them, the truths will eventually spill out, but… will you be there to learn it? Or ignore it and learn nothing?
Find out in this mod!

NOTE: This version contains Monika and Sayori’s routes in Chapter 2 of Truth of the Literature Club. Natsuki’s and Yuri’s are still in development.

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