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How to submit a DDLC themed video?

You wanna share a video centered around our favorite literature club? Awesome!

By looking around the website you will notice that we put a lot of emphasis on graphic design.
We are have the same standard for videos as we do with mods in this case. Therefore we only publish videos/channels/playlists that have a thumbnail image. Additionally, a description/synopsis also helps our users to to decide if this is the content they’re looking for.
You can choose not to include these, but this may delay its publishing by weeks.

We kindly ask you to mention in the description or a pinned comment of the video that it has been featured on This is a requirement.

Please choose one or two genres that best describe your mod. The first one is the core of the story and the second genre is for hinting at secondary story themes. Please refer to ->this guide<- in case you're unsure about the genres. If no genre is given, the mod will be assigned the 'Other' genre.

Please pick the appropriate tags for your video/series. This will help players find it more easily. You can find out what each tag means in ->this guide.<-