Warning to the community

We are publishing this condensed summary of events as a warning, so you can avoid getting tangled up in groups/situations that will harm you. These people are prominent figures who pretend to care for this community. However, this is only a facade, since they break their oath[#1] regularly and are completely blind to the toxic environment they create[#2]. They spread lies[#3,#4,#5,#6], falsely accuse others of crimes[#7,#8,#9], indoctrinate their team to further spread libelous statements[#10,#11], manipulate people into compliance[#12,#13], make one-sided deals in secrecy[#14], refuse to fulfill their responsibilities out of resentment[#15,#16,#17], lie about their hateful motivations[#18,#19], disregard critics as bitter[#20], lapdogs[#21] or pawns in a game[#22], disregard legitimate concerns about toxic leadership as being scared of change[#23,#24], potentially excuse pedophiles[#25,#26], actively try to persuade people to not listen to the other side of the story[#27,#28,#29,#30,#31,#32,#33], berate their own team members[#34,#35,#36,#37,#38], refuse to admit to any of their faults[#39,#40,#41], dismiss their detractors as mentally ill[#42], unnecessarily remove content as if they’re the copyright police, censor the speech/works of people and deny their intents[#43,#44,#45,#46], and instead of having adult conversations (many of them are over 30 years old[#47]) they try to remove their enemies from society[#48,#49,#50]. We have been trying for months to reason with them, but all we got in the end was spit in our faces[#51].

In contrast, what is good for a community? Being fair to its members. To set up easy to follow rules that benefit all and punish only those who are deserving. To be inclusive and forgive those that have made honest mistakes in the past. However, despite being responsible for a community of tens of thousands of people, they aren’t fair. They have proven this by punishing and demonizing people like me[#52].
So what led to this? Misinterpretations of intent, lies and an echo chamber where doubling down on hatred is the only direction.

This website was created as an alternative to that, but they don’t want any parts of the community to be outside their reach. DDLCmods.com is the only capable competitor against them[#53]. They don’t like that. So they abandon all basic human decency of being fair and attack anyone they don’t like with manipulation, lies and censorship. So I’m warning you because I care about the DDLC modding community, and I want the best for it. I’m warning you because these people do shady business that doesn’t benefit both parties and they proudly admit it. I’m warning you because they won’t admit to any wrongdoing.
What you will see is emblematic of the toxicity their community is notorious for. It’s the kind of environment we are opposed to as the DDLCmods team. Naturally, they will try to explain away their harmful actions with a fake narrative sprinkled with lies. For the sake of transparency, here’s the story including their spin on factual events:

[DDLC modding]’s supposed to be a fun hobby, and for some reason, people like dragging needless drama in here that’s exhausting and a waste of time.[#54]
[..] There’s an old saying, “there are three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the facts.”
– Tormuse (39), 2020

It started when Doki Doki Summertime was banned by the r/ddlcmods staff (DDMC) in 2019. Note: many popular mods had the same problem of using assets without permission[#56,#57,#58,#59,#60,#61,#62]. They discard my objections to this new direction as “rants”. I promised a few times that I will fix it. After waiting for two weeks, they banned the mod. When I had time to finally “fix” it, I didn’t want to re-publish it immediately. They will discard my reasons as lies and “stalling”.[#63] They interpret these as lies, instead what they really are: very poor time management skills. I tend to take on too many responsibilities and then fail to deliver. In September I failed to deliver the “fix” to Tormuse exactly how he wanted it. (Despite the fact he showed me an issue yagamirai10 didn’t tell me about earlier.[#64,#65,#66] They also neglect to mention how my plea for my work being fair use was completely dismissed.[#67])I wanted to publish a “fixed” Summertime alongside a website where their rules shouldn’t apply. After the “fix” for Summertime wasn’t good enough, instead of civil discussion, I was branded a liar. [#68]

They claim I was “spamming” people. (AFAIK, they never said what counts as “spam”.) In these messages I shared the announcement of DDLCmods.com that I posted on the DDMC’s subreddit[#69]. They deleted my announcement (despite the rules not applying to this website).[#70] Even after I cooperated with Tormuse and yagamirai10 to “fix” Summertime, they mischaracterize me as not having “had any intention of fixing it.”[#71] My reasons for not “fixing” it later (after being insulted) are dismissed as lies.[#72] Despite Tormuse being a mod maker himself, he diminishes half a day’s work to “fix” Summertime as: “It should have taken him five minutes.”[#73]

They will tell you I spread “anti-DDMC propaganda.”[#74] (Admittedly, I should not have let my emotions guide my decisions. I should have taken a step back from the small, drama-driven group that cheered me on. They don’t mention this, but they didn’t warn me nor tell me why I was banned – hence I assumed it was because of my disagreement with Tormuse.)

They likely don’t know this, but I was the one who pushed for the peace talks months later. This culminated in a “partnership discussion” where Spaghetto failed to inform the DDMC staff about our intention to form a “partnership”.[#75,#76] Our group came in with terms we already agreed to before.[#77] They will characterize my attempts at clarifying our talking points as “steamrolling.” They will claim I wanted “all nine of us online at the same time”. You should judge how true these claims are for yourself.[#78,#79] But if you dare to suggest there was no ill intent on my part:

“Pobaw lied. He lied repeatedly. He lied deliberately.”; [#80]
“He’s a lying liar that lies” [#81]
Tormuse (39), 2020

Yet the only valid instance of deception they can muster is when I pretended to go along with the demands of two traitors: Agent Gold & ultrastarwarsfan.[#82] I was an equal co-owner and Agent Gold was handed authority over me without my consent.[#83,#84,#85,#86,#87] The reason for turning against me can be boiled down to: “We like that you do all the work, but we don’t like your attitude.” After they conspired against me he told me:

“[..] give the web admin position to someone else. And if things didn’t go well, what we had agreed on is
not to ask you but to tell you.”

They will not mention I was threatened to “negotiate” with them, nor show you the backstory to this.[#88] They remain willfully ignorant, since anything that disproves me being a villain is nothing but lies to them. They will treat it as a sin that I deleted the Discord channels I worked on. Granted, this was a huge mistake, even if it stemmed from legitimate distrust. (ultrastarwarsfan has betrayed me before, in October 2019[#89]) They will excuse this conspiracy by saying there were conflicts in the team before. I take responsibility for that, since I associated with the wrong people and did a poor job at communicating with the right people. After this split, they used lies and mischaracterization to turn people against me.[#90]

Meanwhile, I was trying to solve the division they have caused. Since they have been actively censoring discussion about DDLCmods.com, I wanted to fix things. However, my attempts were met by hostility, manipulation (e.g.: playing good cop/bad cop), accusations and dismissal.[#91,#92] In fact, it became obvious they want to erase me and my work because this website is an obstacle to their monopoly. My legitimate attempt at writing a set of terms[#93] that will ensure the quality of the only DDLC modding catalogue was met with mockery.[#94] Their “offer” was one of the most unreasonable thing I have seen in my life.[#95]

Even though ultrastarwarsfan was one of the most vocal opponents of the DDMC, he warmed up to them in hopes of getting “recognition.”[#96] Over months they became allies in their hatred against me. Their final agreement basically says: “my team promises to follow the DDMC’s rules and we ask for things in exchange… but only if you feel like it.”[#97] This decision was widely regarded as a bad move.[#96] So much so that the owner of their website (DokiDokiModding.org) has decided to abandon them.[#98]

As you can see, these figureheads wish to divide the community rather than put aside their personal grudges. Until substantial changes occur in their corrupt leadership, we will not associate with them. If you try to reason with them, you’ll probably be discarded as “brainwashed”[#99] and your inquiry as “harassment.”[#100] They will likely cite Rule 9 (i.e.: we do whatever we want) and ban you. If you’re a mod author, they’ll even ban your creations from their platform. In the end, this is just a warning.

Remember, if they feel like it, you’ll get the same treatment as I did.