Yandere Madness
– Discontinued demo –
July 28, 2019
Thriller ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Action
Swearing, Described violence
Author(s): DatBlackScientist
Release date: July 28, 2019
Content warning: Swearing, Described violence
Yandere Madness
– Discontinued demo –

After Maltese Insanity, with Black Scientist trapped in the void from G-Man; Monika in her spaceroom, and the dokis brought back to DDLC with memories of what happened erased and the MC reset (And Daniel remaining trapped in the game). Everything was going normal in DDLC, with Daniel calling the girls thots. Until… one day…. the dokis were acting strange, enough to even make the dense MC worry. With the girls finally snapping mentally and turning into full blown yanderes while the MC finds himself in a strange new world, what horrifying things will the MC along with Black Scientist and Daniel face? Will the mystery lingering behind the scenes finally get solved once and for all?
Find out in this mod!

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